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Step into a world where compassion meets corporate culture.


With Alliance Cares, our latest initiative is designed to weave threads of empathy through community, environment, and workplace unity. This program is a testament to our deep-seated commitment to not only succeed in business but to genuinely make a positive impact on the lives we touch.

Look forward to events that go beyond the surface, where our employees engage wholeheartedly in making a meaningful difference in the community and the environment. Alliance Cares is not just a program; it's an embrace of shared humanity. As we venture on this journey together, let us shape a legacy that resonates with compassion, unity, and responsibility. Alliance Cares because, in our hearts, we care about more than just the bottom line.



Community Connection

Work Place Family

Social Welfare

Alliance Cares

As we embark on this heartfelt journey with Alliance Cares, we recognize that success isn't measured solely in financial gains but in the positive ripples we create. This program signifies a commitment to a shared humanity, where our actions echo empathy and responsibility. Together, we're crafting a legacy of compassion, environmental stewardship, and workplace unity that extends beyond the confines of our offices. Alliance Cares because, at its core, it's an affirmation that our hearts beat for more than just business—it beats for a better world, a connected community, and a workplace family that stands united.



2,304 Tons of Recycling a YEAR!
192 Tons of Recycling a MONTH!

500+ Native Trees Planted
1000+ Invasive Trees Removed

500+ Meals Donated to our local Schools and Homeless Shelters

100+ Homes Installed with New Flooring for our Veterans

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This company actually listens to their employees. Well thought out improvements are always considered and often implemented regardless of experience or age. Jeff is great at handling conflict and is always open to ideas of improvement. It's pretty awesome.

Operations Manager - Kent Office

I love the fact that although we are a fairly large company, I enjoy that is has a family feel. I am comfortable enough to seek help or advise from anyone within the company, whether it be from one of the owner's or my peers. I am made to feel valued and that my opinion matters! I am currently in my fourth year with Alliance Flooring and loving it!

Client Relations - Kent, WA

Great place to work, good management, work is not too difficult. Must know how to cut carpets and vinyls. Forklifts are not in the best condition but they will do.

Warehouse Worker - Tigard Oregon

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