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Installing Laminated Floor

Our Promise to You 

Everything to know about our Installations!


Product & Installation Services

  • One-Stop Shopping

  • The best wholesale flooring source in the Pacific Northwest is Alliance Flooring Services.

  • Four full-service flooring companies that cater to builders, multifamily buildings, and commercial buildings

  • Our solid brand recognition ensures dependability and inspires faith in our capacity to simplify things.

  • We provide a large variety of top-tier carpet, vinyl tile/plank, sheet vinyl, and laminate brands.

  • favorable costs and flexible periods

  • Eco-friendly flooring options include recycled materials, low-emitting goods that improve indoor air quality, and stain-resistant technologies.



  • The Alliance Flooring Services Company subcontracts expert floor covering installers for the installation work.

  • According to state regulations, the subcontractor must undergo a background investigation.

  • The subcontractor must maintain the insurance coverage in accordance with The Alliance Flooring Services Company's defined insurance kinds and limitations.

  • Several of the installation subcontractors are certified in renovation repair.


Installation Standards

  • Installations are offered with a 24-hour turnaround (M-F). Saturday's are available per request and availability.

  • Installers will alert store staff of any discrepancies on their work order upon entering the unit.

  • Unless the customer asks otherwise (gas appliances excluded), every toilet or appliance that is moved will be removed and reinstalled.

  • After the service is finished, the installer will remove and dispose of all carpet remnants and waste.

  • Vacuuming will be done on all units before the installation departs.

  • The installation team won't consume food or drink or use the restroom in the unit.

  • When the job is finished, the installer will give the management the keys back.


Quality Control Checks

  • Each installer must contact us to confirm the unit's completion.

  • The Alliance Flooring Quality Control team will sporadically examine finished projects.

  • AFS Team will randomly check in on installers to ensure quality work and call customers regarding finished jobs.

  • Our customer service team will respond to any installation complaints within one business day


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Let us know what is going on so we can address it with our installers!

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